The Reinvention of Jimmy Choo

As you may have recently seen on the magazine racks, In Style Magazineputs the spotlight on Gwen Stefani for its November 2011 issue. Clad in Japanese vixen-inspired ensemble, she wore a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes that may seem all too familiar for fashion connoisseurs and Choo patrons. The shoes are called ‘Marlene’ and they are reconceived version of ‘Feather’, which was famed for being Carrie Bradshaw’s Lost Choo in Sex and the City (that episode where she loses a shoe in her haste to catch the Staten Island Ferry.) Now it makes a roaring comeback as the label relaunches the Marlene as part of the ICONS.

This collection is composed of 15 shoe models based on timeless pieces from the Jimmy Choo shoes archives and were revamped to keep up with the times and suit the desires of the modern-day woman. ICONS is in part of the British label’s celebration of 15 years in the industry; that is, 15 years of style and sophistication.

Marlene is luxury couture right on your toes. Embellished with peacock feathers and crystals, these platform sandals are made of suede leather with skyrocketing 5.7 inch heels. And to double the happiness, Marlene comes in two editions: one in violet and the other in black.

Another feathered friend is Rita which is a suede slingback sandal with hand-applied feathers on the vamp. It shares the same violet-blue color combo as that of ‘Marlene’ but ‘Rita’ is kinder in terms of heel height at only 3.9 inches.

In addition to the first two, the Jimmy Choo Faye shoes also prove that an accent is key to every footwear but a huge one makes it stand out. The flower accent that popularized the Muriel shoes is magnified into a loud red brooch in Faye. From an ankle lace sandal, it has evolved into a lace-up, peep toe sandal in zebra print pony hair.

Jimmy Choo’s subtle fondness for graphic prints can be seen in the Anita—the bootie transformation of the knee length Carly. The Anita features laser-cut details from ankle to toe and modest 4.8 inch heels.

To prove that booties are the choice of chic women today, the lengthy snakeskin Ferrari had a similar transformation as well into a peep-toe bootie named Shirley. Other than that, everything is relatively the same, even the exquisite night degradé python leather.

Women have always had a penchant for jewelry and they want it on their earlobe, neck, wrist, fingers and yes, even on their feet. This was the inspiration for the Bambi shoes which has grown into the strappier Lauren.

And who could forget the generously fringed sandal made by Jimmy Choo for the Clements Ribeiros runway show? Fringes make an appearance in the ICONS collection through the Raquel whose edge lies on its lacquered orange heels.

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