The Top 25 Killer High Heels of 2010

2010 was the year of outrageous fashions, especially when it comes to shoes. Whether it's with the crazy amount of embellishments on them or the insanely high heels, it was a big trend this year and I don't think it's going away anytime soon.

Even with models falling left and right on runways due to high heels, it seems that designers are aiming to get them even higher. I've got here for you a list of the top 25 killer heels of 2010.

At number 25 is Prada's Patent Pumps with 4 3/10-inch heels. While 4-inch heels aren't that insanely high, the fact that the shoe doesn't feature a platform may make it hard for a woman to walk in these shoes while doing everyday activities for very long.
prada patent pump
Next is Manolo Blahnik's Kahika boot with 4 1/2-inch heels. I don't really think that there's a Manolo design that goes below this but this killer heel is made more outrageous with it's unique design.
Manolo Blahnik Kahika Boot
The 23rd spot belongs to Michael Kors' 4 1/2-inch lace up booties.
Michael Kors Lace Up Bootie
22nd is Nicholas Kirkwood's 3 3/4-inch suede and laminated leather sandals.
Nicholas Kirkwood Sandals
The number 21 killer high heel is Lanvin's Asymmetrical Escarpin with its 5-inch heel with 1-inch platform.
Lanvin's Asymmetrical Escarpin
Michael Kors makes his second appearance on the list at number 20 with his 5-inch multi-strap platform sandals. The lack of a platform is really making my feet hurt just thinking about wearing these.
Michael Kors Multi Strap Platform
At number 19 is Burberry's hiking boot with 5 1/5-inch heels. I don't know how you're going to hike in these though.
Burberry Hiking Boot
Next is Nicholas Kirkwood's ankle boot with 5 1/3-inch heels.
nicholas kirkwood ankle boot
Versus also makes it to this list with it's gladiator style sandals that have a 5 1/2-inch heel and 1-inch platform.

The 16th and 15th spot both belong to Miu Miu with 5 1/2-inch heels and 1 1/2-inch platforms on both it's perforated pumps and leopard booties.
miu miu perforated pumpmiu miu leopard bootie
Brian Atwood takes over the next three spots with 5 1/2-inch heels on the Donna, Helena and Balleto designs.
brian atwood donnabrian atwood balletobrian atwood helena
Nicholas Kirkwood makes his last appearance on this list at number 11 with his suede platforms featuring 5 1/2-inch heels.
nicholas kirkwood suede platforms
Pierre Hardy breaks into the top 10 killer high heels list with his canvas booties with 5 1/2-inch heels.
Pierre Hardy Canvas bootie
With 5-inch heels and a 1 1/2-inch platform, Christian Louboutin's Toundra Fur boots make it to number 9 easily.
christian louboutin toundra fur boots
Louboutins also take the number 8 spot with the Jem Velours pump that features 5 7/8-heels and 1 3/4-inch platforms.
christian louboutin jem velours
Pierre Hardy makes his second and last appearance at number 7 with the canvas wedge featuring 6-inch heels.
pierre hardy canvas wedge
At number 6 is Giuseppe Zanotti's Amber boot with 6-inch heels and 2-inch platforms.
giuseppe zanotti amber boot
The 5th spot goes to DSquared shoes with their 'White Mumma sandals' featuring 6-inch heels.
DSquared Heels
The number 4 slot goes to Noritaka Tatehana's heel-less boots made famous by Lady Gaga featuring 9.1-inch platforms.
noritaka tatehana
The top 3 killer high heel is Alexander McQueen's Armadillo shoes with 10-inch heels.
Alexander Mcqueen Shoes
Guo Pei's Geisha platforms take the runner up spot, also with 10-inch heels.
Guo Pei
And the number 1 killer high heel of the year is Nina Ricci's version of heel-less boots that feature staggering 11-inch platforms.
Nina Ricci Shoes
While the sky's the limit aesthetic rules designer shoes these days, that doesn't really mean that they are sacrificing comfort. Designer's managed to reach new heights this year by having just the right ration between the heel and the platform. If you do plan to wear any of these killer heels though, I highly suggest practicing walking in them first instead of just breaking it in on the first day you get it. Not everyone was born to walk in high heels after all.


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