Top 10 Designer Shoe Trends for Fall/Winter 2010-2011

When it comes to the Fall/Winter season, the biggest designer shoes trend seems to be that of boots. They come in a variety of shapes, styles and fabrics making it nearly impossible to not find a pair that would suit your taste. So don't be surprised that in a list of top 10 shoe trends for this season for boots to be dominant in the list.

My number 1 shoe trend has to go to the over the knee boots. This is the second fall/winter in a row that its considered fashionable. Over the knee boots are dangerously sexy and completely desirable. As for my favorite design of this style, I would have to go with Manolo Blahniks gathered over the knee boots. Why? Well, you can never really go wrong with Manolos!

Manolo Blahnik Boots

manolo blahnik gathered over the knee boot
Clogs are also hot for this Fall/Winter season. The style became a sought after choice again when designers such as Chanel put clog bottoms on beautiful platform sandals and paired them with feminine clothes on the runway. And it's not just in sandals. You can also find clog bottoms on boots. When it comes to picking the perform clog bottom shoe, look for the wooden heels and heavy detailing. My favorite clog bottom sandals have to be Jimmy Choos urban metallic leather platform clogs. And for boots, my choice would be the Stuart Weitzman Mcallen.

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Jimmy Choo Shoes

Stuart Weitzman Mcallen

stuart weitzman mcallen clogs
The next trend is fur boots. When it comes to the colder months, this style is a must have. This Fall/Winter season, you'll be able to find anything from full on fur to suede boots with fur trim. I was most entranced with Gucci's black alpaca snow boots. Talk about going with full on fur!

Gucci Alpaca Snow Boots

Gucci Alpaca Snow Boots

Leopard print is also a big trend for Fall/Winter 2010 shoes. Leopard print can be seen not only on shoes but also on boots. If you're not that comfortable wearing the print, there are designs that feature small or big spots, and abstract or strategically placed print. These don't just come in the traditional brown and yellow spots as there are prints in some very outrageous colors too. My favorite has to be Christian Louboutins Madame Butterfly. Just like Manolos, you can't really go wrong with Louboutins shoes even if you're not necessarily used to wearing leopard print.

Christian Louboutin Shoes

christian louboutin madame butterflyBoots with military inspiration with a more feminine approach is also a big trend this season. The ultra high heels, platforms and peep toes incorporated in the designs keep the style from looking too strict. My favorite has to be Alexander McQueens buckled leather shearling ankle boots. You actually get 2 styles in 1 with the military inspiration and the fur trim.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots

alexander mcqueen buckled shearling ankleA blend of the masculine and feminine is also a huge trend for Fall/Winter 2010. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of high-heeled moccasins, oxfords with lace prints or loafers with platforms. My pick for this style would have to be Pradas stamped crocodile leather pumps. It's definitely something that was inspired by a masculine loafer but was feminized with the red color and the high heels.

Prada Stamped Crocodile Pumps

prada stamped crocodile leather pumps
Pointed toe shoes also made a big comeback this season. This style is also available in many designs like a rock inspired version from Isabel Marant, a minimalist version from Stella McCartney and a retro version from Louis Vuitton. My favorite would have to be Roger Viviers 100mm Patent T-Bar Fringed pumps. This is also a 2 for 1 with its masculine/feminine mix and the pointed-toe design.

Roger Vivier ShoesRoger Vivier Pumps

Letís move away from the masculine/feminine idea and just revel in the fact that you're a woman. Designers seems to be flaunting female sex appeal this Fall/Winter season by using lace, suede, velvet, bows, delicate heels and other ladylike details that are sure to make any woman feel sexy and confident. My pick for this style would have to be the Miu Miu black satin floral appliqued pumps. With its delicate golden heel and the floral embellishments at the toe, it definitely screams feminine sex appeal.

Miu Miu Pumps

miu miu black satin appliqued pumps
When it comes to feminine wiles, sometimes, the higher the heel, the more feminine you feel. This is probably why platforms are a big trend this season too. Boots are made for walking tall and confident, so this season, practically every style of boot is going to get a platform boost. My pick would have to be Stuart Weitzman's Yugo with its sleek and simple design but with commanding platforms that is sure to make you feel confident.

Stuart Weitzman Platform Boot

Stuart Weitzman Platform Boot
Finally, cutouts have also made their way onto the Fall/Winter season scene. Sandals and boots are made sexier than ever with cutouts. So what if the temperatures are dropping when you can make jaws drops in these shoes?

With all the great shoe trends this season, it's not going to be hard to stay fashionable regardless of the cold weather.

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