Top 5 Designer Shoes Trends from Spring 2010

2010 is just a couple of months away from turning into 2011. We are already well into the Fall/Winter season, which means that Spring is just around the corner. But before we go ahead and immerse ourselves into a new season of fashion, I say we take a look back at this past year and check out the top trends from Spring 2010.

The biggest trend that came out in Spring 2010 is the peep-toe booties. This particular style is back with a vengeance with a variety of designs ranging from ones that let it all hang out to simpler and more demure designs. Personally, I like the peep-toe booties that have a simpler design that barely show the tips of a beautiful pedicure.

My top pick for the Spring 2010 peep-toe booties would be the Stuart Weitzman Fetish booties. It has a simple and sleek design that can easily be paired with any formal or casual attire.

Stuart Weitzman Booties

stuart weitzman peep toe booties

Another huge trend from Spring 2010 was the wedge. Depending on the type of design you have, wedge shoes could be worn for both casual and formal occasions. Some even say that its the seasons statement shoe. I can understand that especially since I saw wedges on practically every shoe out there. I saw wedge boots, wedge sandals and even wedge pumps!

But if you ask me which style I loved the most among wedge shoes, I would have to pick the Prada Crisscross. Wedges are usually high so the fact that has a tight peep-toe design and a strap that secures the ankle is a huge plus for me. Even in those high shoes, I know I can walk confidently in them.

Prada Crisscross Wedges

Prada Crisscross Wedges
Platforms also proved that they were here to stay in Spring 2010. These shoes pack a punch when it comes to being fashionable. Some platform styles have also crossed over to other styles much like the wedge has done. There are platform boots, pumps and sandals.

My favorite designer platform shoes have to be the Donna Karan nude snakeskin mega platforms. Snakeskin was also a big trend back in Spring so putting the two trends together in a simple fashion made it easy to anchor a gorgeous outfit.

Donna Karan Platforms

Donna Karan Nude Platforms
While black and nude colors have been big in Spring 2010, the other end of the spectrum, namely brightly-colored suede also made a big statement in style. These bright colors were also available in different types of shoes, which made the season very colorful.

Bright blue and orange were the two most popular colors but if you ask my, my favorite has to be Steve Madden Trinitie pumps in purple. Apart from the purple suede, there's really not much else about the shoe. But with a color like that, you really don't need any embellishments to make a big statement.

Steve Madden Shoes

Steve Madden Trinitie Shoes
But when it comes to the ultimate statement shoe from Spring 2010, there was no statement that was louder than the Alexander McQueen Armadillo/Hoof shoes. Apart from his runway show and Lady Gaga, I never really saw anyone else wearing this particular design but I still consider it a trend for how huge a statement it made. With 10-inch heels and looking more like a vase than anything else, theres no denying that its unique.

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo/Hoof Shoes

alexander mcqueen armadillo
Whether they became huge trends or just became a huge talk of the fashion world, these shoes definitely made a huge stamp on the fashion trends from Spring 2010. I wonder if any of these shoes will make a comeback next year. What trends do you think will make the cut for Spring 2011?

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