What Is It About Louboutins?

Louboutins Rolando

A pair of shoes isn't just something that you have to wear on your feet for the sake of wearing them but they can actually bring some charm to your life. Beautiful shoes can give you a sense of confidence and happiness that you wouldn't normally have. And when it comes to making beautiful shoes, Christian Louboutin shoes are arguably the best.

The Louboutin brand was built in Paris, France over 40 years ago. Founder Christian Louboutin actually designed for Dior fashion before making a name for himself and later decided to set up his own brand. Since then, the brand has been topping lists for best shoes.

But what exactly makes Louboutins so enchanting to women? Surely the price tag isn't it because those numbers are enough to scare anyone without several credit cards in tow. It's an investment that's for sure. But boy is the investment well worth it.

I believe that what makes these shoes great are the designs that can make any woman feel proud and sexy. With its smooth curves, soft shoe lining and high heels, any woman can feel comfortable and lithe with a pair of Louboutins on.

Functional Louboutins

Louboutins are also known for being very functional apart from being highly stylish. Take the Rolando Black Suede Pump. It's simple in its design with the curves being its only style point.  This particular design is also my choice for the best of the black and suede combination in shoes. The entire shoe is made of suede and makes it seem highly luxurious, making it perfect to pair with any type of outfit for any occasion. Whether you're going to work or wearing it out on a business function or a date, it's the perfect shoe to wear. If you think about it, it's like you bought several pairs of stylish shoes for the price of one beautiful pair of Louboutins.

These shoes can also make women feel great by giving her the same feelings that are linked to the type of clothing you have on. A stylish dress is enough to make a woman feel great about herself and the same can be said of Louboutin shoes. I don't think I've seen a pair of shoes from the brand that I didn't like and that screams tremendous style.

Career high points are also sometimes related to how you dress. If it seems like you took the time, effort and money on your appearance, it shows everyone around you that you have a lot going for you. With a pair of Louboutins on, you can exude that type of confidence even if you just have a pair of jeans and a simple shirt on.

A lot of people may not understand exactly why people spend hundreds on a single pair of Louboutins. I say, indulge yourself with a pair and find out for yourself what makes the brand so enchanting.

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