YSL Flats: Channeling the Ballerina in You

Every girl must have at least a pair of ballet flats. It is the kind of footwear that can be simple AND fabulous at the same time. Fashion icon Audrey Hepburn has spearheaded the revolution of Dolly shoes since the late 1950s and up until the present times, the women’s penchant for these adorable shoes couldn’t seem to die out.

While high heels do a lot of wonders to a woman’s figure and overall look, they could never outweigh the comfort and functionality of the ballet flats. It can be paired with practically everything, from skirts to jeans. With its outright popularity, a lot of designers have released their own adaptation of this fashion staple. YSL shoes wasn’t one to be left out by the pack and came out with ballerina flats in different materials and colors.

YSL Love Ballerina

There isn’t really any good reason not to love it. It may have been on the racks for a long time but YSL, in its pursuit to meet women’s expectations, gave it some refreshing updates. Gleaming in soft patent leather, the Love Ballerina maintains a square-shaped toe design to give ample room. And of course, it wouldn’t be named Love without the iconic heart cut-out.

YSL Love Canvas Flats

These flats make a roaring statement with its mod and contemporary designs on it canvas. From black and pink spotted canvas to shamrock prints, these shoes are most certainly a work of art.

YSL Laura Rose Flats

Christopher Cross need not remind us not to cry when we think of Laura as the name is now synonymous to elegance, thanks to YSL.  The round-toe shoe is made with jet black nappa upper leather. The monotony is broken by a single, prominent and gorgeous detail: a brown leather rose affixed at the vamp. Do not be surprised when by-passers would take a closer look or go so far as asking to touch that ‘old rose’ on your feet.

YSL Holly Flats

The leather bow is too cute to resist. No other pair can be more fitting for the goody two-shoes than the YSL Holly flats.  They gleam in grey metallic leather and a grosgrain piping that together, would neither seem too loud for casual wear nor too plain to be unnoticeable.

YSL Saharienne Flats

The Saharienne is proof that even dolly flats can be fierce. Swathed in leopard print pony hair, this would turn any t-shirt-and-jeans ensemble into a mod statement in an instant.

YSL Jackie 05 Flats

Once the sun hits the silver mirror leather, there is no doubt your feet will be glistening along the pavement. This fascinating pair features a square toe and a ¾-inch heel for a bit of boost.

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