YSL Gets a Little Cagey

YSL Cage Ankle Boots
Yves Saint Laurent is hands down one of my favorite designers ever, for clothes, accessories ... or shoes.  And I think I can pretty safely say that these Yves Saint Laurent Caged Ankle Boots are by the far the coolest shoes I have ever seen.  Ever.

They look so unbelievably cool, like metal or wire or something wrapping around your feet, turning you instantly into this powerful, warrior kind of goddess Amazon woman -- who happens to have flawless taste in shoes.  I mean honestly, can you get any better than that?  All by themselves, these shoes seem totally empowering to me, like you could put them on and instantly be suffused with this feeling of utmost self confidence.  Power, beauty, confidence, they would all be yours.

I especially love the black ribbon the back, though, because that adds a soft, feminine touch to these otherwise industrial masterpieces.  Again, you totally can't get better than that.  I am so completely enamored, I can't even tell you.

The really great part is that, since these are part of Yves Saint Laurent's fabulous Rive Gauche line, there are all kinds of different styles for the caged shoes.  Yoox only has this pair, however, for $930.00, which is actually a crazy good price for this pair of shoes.

I'll be honest, I'm not entirely sure these would be the most comfortable shoes ever, but you know what?  I wouldn't even care.  I wouldn't care if I came home hobbled, because I know I'd be making a serious statement while I was out on the town in these YSL shoes.

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