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Anna Sui shoes are are created by an avid collector of shoes, she would never bypass making a footwear collection to compliment her clothing line. If you have ever seen any of the Anna Sui catwalk shows then you will have seen many wild and fascinating designs of shoes paraded, and their colors and details all stunning. Among the most lavish of them all were a pair of metallic blue sandals.


The base of the shoe was a sky-high wooden wedge, tinted light blue. The body of this Anna Sui heel was blue metallic leather cut out into a butterfly shape. to some these shoes might seem over-the-top, but for Anna Sui, that’s nothing out of the ordinary and she is proud of it. Since 1998 the Venice-based quality shoe manufacturer Ballin has been making shoes for Anna Sui. It has been an extremely successful collaboration, with every season bringing a new range of highly collectible boots and shoes.

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Anna Sui Shoes

Anna has always been a shoe fanatic. She explores flea markets in search of ideas and inspiration, and she has more than 500 pairs of shoes in her own persona collection; a bit extreme if you ask me.

The Anna Sui range includes rhinestone strap sandals, patchwork boots, jewel-toned lizard pumps, and bead-encrusted mules.

An eccentric American fashion designer, Anna Sui has created wild and unique fashions that are sold all over the world. Born August 4th 1964 in Detroit, Michigan, she has attended Parsons The New School for Design to study fashion. She went on to launch her first runway line in 1991. Anna Sui shoes are known for their brightness, abstractness, and vivid color. She has also created perfume and makeup lines to go along with her apparel and shoes. She even designed a pair of boots to be added to the FitFlop collection, a brand of shoes that enhances the exercising you do when you walk, which brings us nicely onto....

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