Azzedine Alaia Shoes

Success has followed Azzedine Alaia shoes for decades, since the 1980s. And yet he continues to design and sell awe-inspiring shoes and couture clothing that is adored by so many women.

He was born in Tunisia on June 4th in 1940 to a family of farmers. It is said that his sister was the one who inspired his love for design; he lied about his age to get the chance to go into the local arts school where he graduated. He then went on to be a dressmaker, but his private business took off quickly and the rest is history.

He now is one of the most esteemed designers in the business, known for his artsy and wild designs.

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Azzedine Alaia shoes

Suede Azzedine Alaia Shoes

The bold design of these shoes is both attractive and artsy. The 4 and a half inch heel is shocking, especially with the lack of a platform, but if you can manage to stay upright, these shoes are a wild and unique addition to an outfit. The light gray suede which is all throughout and continues down the heel. The ankle boot shape gets a twist with the cutout shapes that have been added. For even more of a stunning design, there are triangular points coming from the top of the shoe. These Azzedine Alaia shoes are inventive and fashionable and should be worn with caution.

Azzedine Alaia Python Skin Platforms

With a sweeter shoe’s shape and structuring, they would normally seem like a more cute pair of heels. However the python skin material throws all that out the window. These Azzedine Alaia shoes are sexy and they are bold about it. The cinched thick straps by the toe are contrasted by the thinner straps at the ankle. The prominent heel, which is covered in python skin as well, adds a bit of edginess to the shoe, and the height of it makes them daring. The jet black color is another factor that makes these sexy designer shoes a bold choice.

Tie-Up Leather Sandal with Rivets

These modern-art inspired sandals are amazing down to the last detail. It all starts with the straight-down, thick black heels which are an interesting shape and go well with the whole style of the shoe. The ink-black, thick leather straps are completely covered in metal rivets, adding sparkle and texture to the design. The two cut-out sides of the straps on these heels converge in the center with a lace-up through the rivets. Altogether these shoes are well-thought out and intricately designed. All that work put together has made a daring and interesting shoe.

Azzedine Alaia Shoes - Platform Wedge

This pair eclectic and eccentric wedges have many fun and charming qualities. The upper shoe is made of a reddish-brown leather which is cut out into geometric patterns. These patterns are not only eye-catching, but unique. The leather even has a shine to it which makes the shoes particularly stunning. At a staggeringly high 6 inches, these shoes are meant for only the daring. The edge between the wedge and the sole is lines with downward-facing black triangles which show up well in contrast to the light brown of the heel. With all these wonderful features, it’s hard to see how these Azzedine Alaia shoes wouldn’t be a favorite of many.