BCBG Shoes

When Max Azria decided he wanted to approach the world with class, he really approached it. In 1989 Paris, Azria created BCBG, a European line that features young, flamboyant shoes that set an example for other shoe brands. After great success in Paris, Azria brought his European style to America and thus attracted young confident women from throughout the nation.

After appearing in his first runway show during 1996, Azria took his company to the next level launching lines that would astonish the world of fashion, design and attract Red carpet celebrity guests such as Sharon Stone, Fergie and Demi Moore to wear his famous womens designer shoes. Combining fun urban fashion with an American/European twist, BCBG shoes really sets themselves apart from the rest and made a name for themselves as the hottest shoe in the fashion industry today.

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More About BCBG Shoes

The line of BCBG shoes features elegant materials such as leather and lace in which allows the wearer to experience true comfort while indulging in the attention they get from bystanders. Colors within the BCBG shoe line are created with the young, vibrant woman in mind and range from multi-tone hues to deep luscious rays that keep the eye focused and maintain the theme of any outfit worn. Dazzled with designs, studs and gems, the BCBG womens designer shoes are truly meant for the Diva at heart though any woman can find her place in a pair of BCBG shoes.

BCBG shoes are created for all events from daytime to night and weekend getaways featuring wild wedges, towering spiky heels and sexy supermodel spikes. So whether going to the local bread shop or to the MTV movie awards, you will always look as if you were meant to be there. Add a pair of BCBG shoes to your wardrobe and see what it is truly like to own a piece of a worldwide famous fashion design.