Bottega Veneta Shoes

Originally known for its luxurious woven leather, the Bottega Veneta company was founded in the year 1966. It was then that Michele Taddei accompanied by Renzo Zengiaro of Italy, started their company based on high quality craftsmanship and consistency. Together, they believed that a product of great quality did not need a logo and therefore, the Bottega Veneta shoes line sported no such markings.

Instead, the brand came to be known for its signature materials featuring delicately woven leather created especially by the artisans that work for Bottega. Taken over by Gucci in the year 2001 and featured on runways in Milan, the Bottega Veneta womens designer shoes grew to worldwide proportions making the shoe line a must have for many celebrities.

Since the Bottega Veneta company produces one of the more unique and top quality leathers in the world, naturally their womens designer shoes are made with it as well. It is the soft, baby like leather that gives the Bottega Veneta shoes the high comfort qualities that makes them suited for even the most delicate of feet.

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More About Bottega Veneta Shoes

For the wilder side, Bottega Veneta suede shoes makes for a daring evening that is sure to be remembered. Featuring calm, soothing colors and trendy, immaculate styles, the Bottega Veneta shoes line offers something for any type of woman from the outgoing to the timid. The options for Bottega Venata shoes are nearly limitless too with strappy heels to flattering flats and boots made for walking.

It does not matter how you pick your Bottega Venata womens designer shoes, every pair is sure to spark the confidence level when they are admired by every woman in the room. With a pair of Bottega Venata shoes in your closet, you will always be prepared for any occasion and you too will own a piece of the long kept secret of the Bottega Venata collection.

Bottega Veneta Shoes Guides, Styles and Reviews

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