Carlos Santana Shoes

Carlos Santana, a famous Latin musician, created the Carlos Santana shoes line in honor of his foundation, the Milagro charity group. Milagro is Spanish for miracle and that is what they aimed to accomplish. Carlos believes that no child should go without a good education or a healthy body. The foundation helps children achieve this across the world by giving money from Carlos’s shoe sales to the Milagro foundation.

The Carlos Santana womens designer shoes are created around the same vibrant, freeing vision he incorporated into his music. Hip, cultural and full of life, Carlos Santana shoes bring an artistic, unique niche to the womens shoe market. They truly are shoes that create energy in a wardrobe and make a woman stand out among the crowd.

Each pair of shoes is designed by Carlos Santana himself and bring the words artistic and hip to a new meaning. They are made with materials that are high quality including leather, suede and lace.

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More About Carlos Santana Shoes

The shoes speak of shear elegance for any woman who wears them. Loud, vibrant colors stand out in patterns that represent the Latin culture for the ambitious woman or soft subtle colors whisper sweet words for the quaint woman. The womens designer shoes of the Carlos Santana collection are embellished with beads, charms and designs that scream fashion and waken the woman’s spirit.

Available in numerous options from flats to heels and everything in between, the Carlos Santana shoes are great for any occasion. Carlos Santana boots make for a nice getaway while sandals say take it easy and heels walk with grace. No matter where you go in your Carlos Santana shoes, you will demand to be noticed. You have something unique and lively to say, say it with a pair of Carlos Santana womens designer shoes.