Chanel Shoes

The Chanel company which first launched in 1926 was first known for its line of designer fashion clothing but since then has grown into a nationwide popular brand that is seen being worn by celebrities, runway models and women of every culture.

The Chanel shoes collection was dreamed up over 50 years ago by the infamous Gabrielle Coco Chanel whose French design brought fashion and delight to the world of womens designer shoes. Most commonly known for her “Never see the dirt” two tone heel, Coco’s shoe line features an evolution of comfort and style for todays womens shoes.

Her idea of providing a comfortable yet sexy heel that could be worn anywhere quickly put her shoe line on the top of the designer shoe market. Chanel shoes can be recognized by the signature interlocked C’s present on them. Ranging in materials from exotic skins such as the lizard to leather and silk, the Chanel collection is made from only the best of comfortable fabric that always leaves the feet craving for more.

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More About Chanel Shoes and Boots

The name Coco Chanel is still well known in the fashion industry, even 37 years after her death. She was a pioneer in field and her iconic label is still one of the most beloved of celebrities and the ordinary citizens alike. Her collection of footwear – ranging from sandals to knee high boots to classic heels – was her biggest success.

The shoes of the Chanel line are available in a variety of brilliant colors and feature styles that are awe-inspiring and likeable by any type of woman. Easy to coordinate, add a Chanel accessory to really bring out the shoes and set the outfit.

With Chanel’s womens designer shoes, heels are not just for going out in the evening anymore. The Chanel shoe line is made for comfort and design so that every pair of shoe is just right for the occasion. Wear a pair of knee high boots painted in pearl to the grocery store or a pair of square toed heels to the office party. You can even visit your local gym in a pair of Chanel sneakers. Whichever pair of Chanel womens designer shoes you purchase, you will never be limited to where you can go in them.

Even today the variety of the Chanel shoes collection is classy and chic, made with the finest materials that even include the exotic, such as the Lizard Skin Shoe that prices for $440. Not all of the shoes and boots offered by Chanel are that expensive and they can be found at at affordable prices.