Classic Ugg Boots

Traditionally the term "ugg boot" refers to a style of Australian boot made with either sheepskin or lambskin.

Prior to the arrival of classic Ugg Boots, there were uggs, Australian footwear made from sheepskin and wool. Due to the major sheep farming industry in Austrailia, parts of the sheep were utilized to make many items including uggs for ranchers and farmers to keep their feet warm and dry. These were later adopted by Austrailan war pilots to wear on long flights with there versions being known as “fuggs,” or flying uggs.

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More About Classic Ugg Boots

In 1978, a young Aussie surfer by the name of Brian Smith began by stitching sheepskin boots for surfers to throw on after coming out of the water. Not only did they keep the surfers feet warm but they were able to make their way back to cars over sand, stones and makeshift paths in comfort

Classic Ugg BootsBrian Smith saw his uggs as a commercial opportunity beyond keeping the feet of Aussie surfers warm. He made his way to New York with designs in hand but didn’t make the progress he expected. A decision was then made to travel to sunny Southern California where it was found some US surfers were already wearing a similar boot to keep their feet warm. This would be where Brian Smith would find his first market.

Today, classic Ugg Boots is a U.S. company that has perfected the ability to create comfortable, quality sheepskin boots that look great. The company has expanded to producing shoes and slippers, and the famous. Classic Ugg Boots can be seen on fashion runways and on the feet of Hollywood celebrities. They come in a wide variety of styles and colors, keeping feet around the world snug, comfortable and chic.

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