Coach Sandals, Boots And Shoes

The Coach name was brought to life during 1941 when an American family in Manhattan New York established a city loft containing 6 artisan designers. In the loft, they made leather products with their own hands. The designers followed a tradition of high quality craftsmanship that was passed along through many generations and represented leather the way it was meant to be.

When Coach’s name spread throughout the nation for being top quality and unique, their designer line featuring hand bags, accessories and womens designer shoes quickly became one of the nations biggest fashion household names. Coach sandals are now among the most popular line of shoes in the world and are sported by common people as well as top celebrities both. Coach shoes are known by their signature “C” embellished within the fabric used in their line.

Coach boots and shoes are meant to uphold the storm. Made with only durable, top of the line material, a pair of Coach shoes will last for many years. You can find their footwear in materials such as supple leather, calf skin or suede among the many materials available.

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More About Coach Sandals And Boots

The most common color is a dark Brown mixed with Beige which is the Coach signature color although, they also feature bold colors that inspire, create emotion for both the wearer and the onlooker. It does not stop there though. Neutrally toned colors are available for a more coordinating element or quiet appeal. Coach sandals are typically simple yet speak of class and fashion when worn.

The Coach shoe line offers a shoe for every woman whether it is a sneaker, boot, heel or loafer. Coach shoes combine fashion with comfort in a perfectly balanced harmonious relationship. Women are always happier when they are wearing a pair of Coach designer womens shoes.

Six leather crafters designed and made the shoes in the family run loft workshop of Manhattan, starting out with a high-quality line of leather handbags that used different grain layers, softer material, and colors that were virtually unheard of. Leather footwear followed and the same craftsmanship that was employed when the company first started is still used to make Coach sandals today.

From sandals to sneakers to comfortable flat loafers and boots, Coach heels are made to not only be beautiful handcrafted leather products but also comfortable and affordable with prices starting at $88.

Coach Shoes Guides, Styles and Reviews

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Coach Brandie Heels Shoes

This is the pinnacle of style. Smart and sassy, these Coach shoes are for a woman with personality and oomph. Made from calf skin, the stellar buttons are the highlight of these gorgeous shoes.

Coach Lydia Heel Shoes

Be naughty and wild in this ultimate pair of party shoes. With an astounding 4 ½ inch heel, you will be towering over all the other women. The abstract jacquard print is sure to keep them ogling at your feet.

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Give a huge complex to Mary Jane in these out-of-the-world heels. The new Rosaria heel from Coach Shoes is every girl’s prayer answered. There was nothing beautiful in the world before these shoes.

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