Cole Haan Shoes

Cole Haan shoes were first crafted in 1928 to target the mens designer footwear lines although,  this Chicago based company quickly branched into the world of womens fashion designer shoes when they launched their elegant womens shoe line shortly after. Representing luxury and fashion, Cole Haan shoes are crafted with intuitiveness and quality designs that make them very popular among the crowds.

The Cole Haan brand is a branch of the well known sport accessory producer, Nike and until the year 2008, they used authentic fur from exotic animals in their line of shoes. The woman who wears a pair of Cole Haan shoes is sporty, sexy, trendy and represents fashion where ever they go.

Perhaps one of the most versatile womens shoe lines in the world, the Cole Haan shoe collection features a feminine, delicate touch to the masculine, sporty side of Nike while still preserving the sporty, updated features that Nike is so well known for. Cole Haan colors are many ranging from the neutrals to the vibrant and bold so these shoes are easily matched with any type of wear from casual to dress and even business.

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More About Cole Haan Shoes

The Cole Haan style is modern with a very trendy appeal that represents fashion and comfort for the woman of now. Using materials that are known for quality, the Cole Haan womens designer shoes are made with the money saving consumer in mind.

Cole Haan boots are ideal for the cold nights in the northern cities while Cole Haan sandals can be worn on a Tahitian beach in paradise. Sneakers are great for jogging or wedges are suited for a memorable womens night out. Wearing a pair of Cole Haan shoes means that you are prepared for any of life’s occasions, even the spur of the moment ones.