DSquared Shoes for Women

DSquared was founded during 1994 when 2 men by the names of Dean and Dan, also twin brothers from Canada, set the world on fire with their smoking hot fashion designer mens line. Several years later during 2003, they pulled their magic one more time when they released their stunning womens line which quickly branched off into the DSquared womens designer shoe line.

The world of fashion and design had no clue what hit them and the DSquared name took off like a jet plane stretching into every major city within the nation. DSquared was featured in many style magazines, won many designer recognition awards and attracted tons of limelight from celebrities and musicians alike. Runway shows featuring the DSquared shoes had celebrities like Madonna, Rihanna and Britney Spears sporting their fashion.

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More About DSquared shoes

DSquared shoes combine a twist of both Italian design and Canadian culture to create a superbly balanced designer shoe that every woman loves. The shoe line is unique, sporting colors that catch the eye like hues and Blues and containing patterns unique to the DSquared line. Embellishments and buckles are abundant in the many varieties of womens designer shoes created by the DSquared twins. There is nothing ordinary about these shoes either. The woman who wears the DSquared brand will look sassy, sophisticated and is sure to get lots of attention when out in public.

DSquared accessories are the perfect compliment to the footwear as well. When wearing a pair of DSquared booties with a petite baby doll dress, you will certainly make an entrance to any place. With a little bit of sugar, a little bit of spice and a pair of sexy DSquared heels, the ordinary woman will be transformed into a walking power house of fashion and design. Buy your DSquared shoes and make your place in the fashion industry