Frye Boots and Shoes

The Frye shoes company was created and founded in the year 1863 when they designed the image of what the American boot should be. After designing a hand made boot for Roosevelt Franklin, the company quickly became known within country. With quality American craftsmanship, distinguished markings and fine detail, the Frye shoe company set their place in the fashion shoe industry.

Creating hand crafted boots for the American people, Frye became one of the most well known boot and shoe companies in the whole world. Known mostly for their harness boot, their styles range from the traditional western cowboy to the modern worker and the Frye shoe line features a womens designer shoe that is a mix between sexy, sleek and a bit tough girl.

Frye boots are made out of the best materials in the country and feature a design that is truly unique to the brand. Top quality, hand crafted fabric carefully stitched and engraved with sophisticated designs is what the Frye name strives for. They accomplish this with consistency time and time again. They are a favorite among many.

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More About Frye Boots and Shoes

Specifically known for their leather, Frye boots also contain suede and always come in the high quality designs that the Frye line is popular for. Colors are neutral earthy colors that calm the day and soothe the evening. Any woman wearing a pair of Frye shoes will make a statement wherever she is present.

Perhaps one of the most notable features of the Frye shoes and boots are the tremendous amount of comfort they provide. Padded inside, the wearer literally walks on air. There is no other shoe that can compare to the comfort, design and quality of the Frye womens designer shoes. Saddle up and get ready for a ride in a pair of Frye boots that you will not soon forget.