Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

The tale of Giuseppi Zanotti shoes begins with a DJ, who had a deep passion for designer shoes and decided to use his knowledge of fashion and design to create a shoe empire and fulfill his life long dreams.

When he was just in his twenties during the 80‘s, he began associating himself with many fashion shoe companies so that he could pick up more knowledge and skills to bring his shoes to life although, he did not care for the rules set in place by these shoe designer companies and wanted to be free to create as he wished so he decided to go it alone.

Accompanied by his wife, Giuseppe began his world famed shoe line, Vicini in the 90‘s and took the fashion shoe line by awe-struck surprise. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes are classy and trendy but at the same time offer complete comfort to the person who wears them.

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Mre About Giuseppe Zanotti Shoes

Giuseppe Zanotti ShoesVicini shoes are known to be made with the best materials like leather, suede and silk to create the comfort that they are so well known across the globe for. They are in fact so well known that these beauties are  worn on the Red carpet by stars such as Eva Herzigova, Diane Kruger and Eva Mendes. Covered in popular womens designs, gems and even bronze, the shoes come in a variety of fashion designer favorites and feature colors like sea breeze Turquoise and flaming Red that catch attention where ever they go.

Since the Vicini womens designer shoe line comes in so many different styles like flats, heels and boots, they are liked by almost any woman and can be worn for any kind of occasion. This means that you do not need a special reason to buy a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti shoes because every reason is a good reason.

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes and boots come in a wide range of styles that are current with the times, but some of them are uniquely prepared, such as the bronze laminated leather flats that retail for $450.00.