Gucci Shoes For Women

Since founding of the house by Guccio Gucci during 1921, the Gucci shoes for women line has spread throughout the nation to become one of the most well known and popular line of designer shoes in the market both by celebrities and common people alike.

The line first became known in Rome where it started out and later was branched into Milan, Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Tokyo and many other major cities throughout the world.

The infamous Red and Green stripe which symbolizes the line was introduced in the 50‘s and was followed by the development of the trademark logo, “GG” which can be seen on every pair within their line. Their womens designer shoe line today is recognized by the high quality fashion and trendy designs that they possess.

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More About Gucci Shoes For Women

Gucci Shoes For WomenThe shoe line started by Guccio, features some of the most fashionable and high quality designer shoes found in the world of designer shoes today. They are almost a house hold name and can be found in many womens closets. Representing luxury and elegance, Gucci shoes for women come in the highest of top quality materials such as suede and the fine leather that made the company famous. Colors in the shoe line are vibrant, lively and come in a range of shades that are easily blended with designer clothing or accessories.

Gucci shoes are available in many unique styles that women desire such as see all sandals, sexy stilettos and boots that break hearts. This means that any woman with a passion for shoes can find what she is looking for in this shoe line. If style is your thing, these shoes have plenty of it; from dazzled logos to brilliant buckles and bright stylish markings, your sure to look super fly when wearing a pair of these designer shoes.

There are few fashion design companies that can state they designed the interior of an automobile for a special edition release, but iconic and internationally acclaimed Gucci can. In an agreement with American Motors Corporation, they were the ones that offered consumers a leather interior done in buff, red, and green stripes that included the famous Gucci logo for the 1972 AMC Hornet.

Of course, they are better known for their long standing clothing designs that have been favored by such classic actresses as Audrey Hepburn.
The collection of Gucci shoes for women ranges from flats to stiletto heels, open-toed to sandals, and they are on the pricey side, starting anywhere from $150 to $500. This is a far sight cheaper than the pair of jeans that debuted in 1998 in Milan with the Gucci name attached and a price tag $3,134.