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Marc Jacobs is the current creative director of Louis Vuitton, but his own line of fashion clothing and shoes has made waves throughout the fashion community. Jacobs has helped launch the ready to wear line of shoes clothing with the Louis Vuitton name and he knows what the people want well. He was nicknamed the Guru of Grunge for the 1990s fashion phenomena of rugged clothing mix and matches that he debuted on the runs with his models where army boots with floral dresses.


His designing sense came from his sister who taught him how to embroider and his grandmother who taught him how to knit. One of the coolest people to Jacobs? Designer Perry Ellis for whom Jacob worked for when he designed his signature grunge look.

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Marc Jacobs Shoes - Fashion In The States

Marc Jacobs ShoesMarc Jacobs shoes are one of the few American fashion brands that have made an impression in the London fashion world, which is dominated by European fashion brands. The brand carries a certain type of hype with it. The most important aspect of Marc Jacobs accessories is being Marc Jacobs product. There are no big claims regarding trend setting or strictly traditional. The company creates good designs that people like.

The company was founded by the famous and controversial American designer Marc Jacobs. Many accuse Jacobs of not being sufficiently original for being a top notch fashion designer. He certainly draws inspiration from earlier work. But in the end, his creations bear the signature of its creator. There are a large number of celebrities who wear Marc Jacobs shoes this brand including Kim Gordon and Vincent Gallo. As the popularity of his designs grew, Jacobs himself became a celebrity.

Today, the company has retail outlets all over the world. Other than the one in London, the other major outlets of the company are in Paris, Madrid, Moscow, and Dubai. Marc Jacobs shoes are well known for the fine finish and attractive designs. These are ideal for those who prefer to be quietly fashionable.