Nando Muzi Shoes

In 1963, the company of Nando Muzi was founded in Italy. Their designs are a perfect mix between edgy and sexy, the Nando Muzi shoes are wild to say the least. Working with materials like patent leather and suede, these shoes are stunning from the very beginning. The styles that are fashioned are what is truly striking about these collections. The skinny stiletto that towers over most shoes emphasize the sexiness, while the bright colors, lace-ups, straps, and embellishments create a feeling of edginess.


Take the Nando Muzi red boots, they are an attractive design and a sexy styling, these shoes are not for the shy. Made of red patent leather, these shoes have a not-so-subtle sex appeal. The stiletto heel reaches up to high heights, and the platform at the base makes the shoe more wearable. This sleekness of the shoe is complimented by the black gem at the ankle. This touch adds a bit of glitz and glamour to an already sexy shoe.

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Nando Muzi Shoes Guides, Styles and Reviews

Nando Muzi Gray Sandals

These shoes are all about the details. At the toe there is paneling with different shades of gray, a nice use of the area. Even the shapes and petterns applied are interesting by themselves, but when added to these shoes they become stunning. The cool gray suede is the perfect color for these shoes. It makes the details come together without adding too much flashiness. The inside of the shoes are metallic silver which adds a fun touch for the wearer. On the almost-white ankle strap is a small bejeweled buckle which attaches the strap to the heel strap which has contrasting gray suede overlays as well. These shoes are glamourous yet not over the top and will go great with any color dress.

Nando Muzi Black Sandals

Bold, sexy, and wild, these sandals are destined to stand out and never go unnoticed. When worn with jeans, a skirt, or a party dress, these shoes will look amazing; regardless of attire, these Nando Muzi shoes will be the star of the outfit. The black patent leather they are made of is a shiny addition to the overall knock out look. The multiple straps going across the foot wrap around the heel and are connected in the middle by a large chrome silver zipper. The high stiletto heel is a finishing touch which vamps up the daring aspect of these shoes.

Grey Nando Muzi Shoes

This pair of shoes puts a spin on the professional-styled shoes with hot pink accents. These super high heels are made of gray suede on the base with details in hot pink patent leather. The 5-inch heel is countered a slight bit by the 1-inch platform below the toe. The heel and the upper outline of the body is lined with a thin streak of hot pink shininess. By the toe there is a gray band with a line of pink in the center, with two small toussels attached. These Nando muzi shoes manage to be professional yet fun, and are perfect for either work or play.