Nine West Boots and Shoes

The class and sophistication that Nine West tends to have is always present in their designs. Whether the shoes are high-heeled or not, the style and thought is always what makes their shoes so pristine. Many of the boots are made of leather, and almost every style comes in a bunch of stunning colors which work with the shoes wonderfully.


The shapes of the shoe they choose to make are simple and classic, including peep-toes, sling-backs, and instep cutouts. All of these styles are made interesting by the colorful leather they are made of, and are an elegant yet colorful collection of Nine West boots. Take a look at some of the great styles available below.

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More About Nine West Boots & Shoes

The shoe company also known as 9 West was first created during the year 1978 when Jerome Fisher accompanied by Vince Camuto put his creative thoughts into effect. The company was among the first to make use of the brilliant leather making skills of the Brazilian people which produced a shoe that was immaculate when compared to any other. It soon reached the top of the fashion designer shoes market in every nation. Nine West shoes are worn by many women and represent an expression of uniqueness and class.

Working with Vivienne Westwood during 2006, the footwear line took a wild turn into a new class of fashion designer shoes. Again in 2009 with New Balance, the shoe line turned to appeal to more women in the fashion industry. Although gone through many changes, the company always managed to maintain consistency in quality and fashion. Nine West Boots come in a variety from western to chic and are available in ankle, knee high or full leg styles. They feature colors that brighten the room, leave a woman with a sense of style and appreciation for the better things in life. Buy a pair of these fabulous boots and find out for yourself just how good life can really be.

Nine West Boots and Shoes Guides, Styles and Reviews

Nine West Elkie

An interesting change from the normally classic and simple designs, these shoes are fancy and detailed. With a multitude of straps over the foot, from the peep-toe to the ankle strap, these shoes are a wonder to look at and wear.

Nine West Escher

Nine West started this shoe with a high heel and a basic peep-toe structure. That by itself is pretty, but when bright patterns and colors are added into the mix, the result is an interesting shoe that can be worn anywhere by anyone.

Nine West Hambert

They might look like just plain sling-backs, but the little pieces are what make them so elegant. The shape of the shoe is sleek and elegant, and the plain black leather makes the simplicity of the design both practical and beautiful.

Nine West Noire

This pair of shoes embodies just what Nine West is about: classic sophistication. The patent black body is a simple yet elegant tone, and the pointed toe makes the shoes have a bit more sex appeal.