Rene Caovilla Shoes

When Rene Caovilla was born in 1938 in Italy, he was born into the business of shoe making. His father was an esteemed shoemaker whose original factory is preserved to this day in the front of today’s Caovilla factory. In 1950, he went to study design in London and Paris. Since the 1960’s he has owned the company that took over from his father. Since then he has gone on to create the beautiful and bright Rene Caovilla shoes designs that are super-high end in quality and reputation. Embellished with many gems and rosettes, his shoes might be expensive, but well worth the money to own such stunning shoes.

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Rene Caovilla Shoes Guides, Styles and Reviews

Rene Caovilla Eyelet-Toe Slingback

The eyelet-toe slingback heels are a mixture of sweet and sexy. The eyelet pattern is encrusted with a gem at the center of each circle, making the shoe have a charming appeal.

Rene Caovilla Floral Ruffle Sandal

Spring is captured with the floral ruffle sandal. The bright pink and orange colors make the shoes pop, and the gold straps make the shoe just right for the warm weather.

Rene Caovilla Jewel Thong Sandal

For sparkling, stylish, and a dazzling example of a summer sandal, look no further than the asymmetrical jewel thong Rene Caovilla sandal.

Rene Caovilla Satin Platform Slingback

Incredibly sexy is the only way to describe the satin platform slingback. Featuring black satin with a crossover peep-toe and a gem-lined sliver sparkling platform, these shoes are a classic design with a glamorous twist.