Shannon Britt Shoes

Shannon Britt shoes have some wild designs, interesting, and unique. Unfortunately Shannon passed away in August of 2009 of a brain hemorrhage. Even though she is gone, her memory stays alive through her husband, two daughters, friends, and work. Her family is also proud to say that she has saved 7 people’s lives with her organ donation. She was not only a shoe-design genius, but was also good at heart.

Shannon’s line of womens designer footwear is well known throughout the world for the high attention to detail and creativeness that she put into them. Totally one of a kind styles and colors that bloom the soul make these shoes a must have for any woman who has a passion for designer shoes. You can find these shoes in many varieties from sandals to ankle boots and heels. With accessories like feathers, bows and ties, you are sure to look fabulous when wearing a pair of Shannon Brit shoes.

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More About Shannon Britt Shoes

The shoes she created were beautiful and featured wonderful details, along with creative features not seen on most other shoes. They feature eyelet patterns, feathers, ankle wrap ties, just to name a few. The Shannon Britt shoes designs are anything but boring, and were a joy to look at and wear. Even her simpler and more elegant shoes had a imaginative edge to them. She was innovative and an inspiration to many.

Even though the story of the woman behind these shoes is tragic, her shoes are an everlasting reminder of the brilliance and passion put forth into making them. The woman responsible for these shoes unfortunately passed away in 2009 after suffering a hemorrhage of the brain. Though her deep passion for designer shoes lives on in the incredibly beautiful and unique shoes she left behind. Her shoes feature an innovative and wild design that brings a smile to every woman they encounter.

Shannon Britt Guides, Styles and Reviews

Shannon Britt Shelby Sandal

These Shannon Britt sandals are a style-inspiring look by themselves. The have sexy and modern straps over the toe and around the ankle.

Shannon Britt Ashleigh Sandal Slide

Staying true to herself with her extravagant and detailed design history, Shannon Britt created these sandal slides. Glamorous in almost every aspect, these shoes are made of leather that comes

Shannon Britt Genaveve Peep Toe Pump

This style of shoes by Shannon Britt is particularly sweet and cute. The bright white and the eyelets make it uncomplicated in makeup, however the simplicity along with the little details and the high heel

Shannon Britt Olivia Flat

Most pairs of shoes will come in 1, 2, maybe three colors. These Shannon Britt shoes, however, have five different variations to chose from. And in an interesting twist, the shoes do not only nary in color