Shannon Britt Olivia Flat

Most pairs of shoes will come in 1, 2, maybe three colors. These Shannon Britt shoes, however, have five different variations to chose from. And in an interesting twist, the shoes do not only nary in color, but also in details.

These pointed-toe flats all have the same base, including the asymmetrical cut-out on the instep. Then the designer Shannon Brit added some fun details into the equation. They designs range from the simple black and silver type which is simple a black shoe with a silver toe. It is basic in design, yet still edgy and cool.

Another style of this shoe is far from simple, though. Shannon decided to update the look with feathers at the toe. One pair, the all white, are pure white with a band of fluffy feathers at the toe. She created even for of a stir with this style by adding dark yellow feathers to the white base, creating a shoe that pops.

Shannon Britt Flats Deals

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