Stuart Weitzman Shoes

In the 50's, the Weitzman family began a tradition that would last into the 20th century and make their name famous throughout the whole world. The son of the family worked at the company creating shoes until he took over the business when his father passed.

In turn, he made the company rise to high proportions within the fashion shoe industry. He incorporated a fashion that was daringly unique and tempted women of all types to try his shoes even, the most conservative ones. Through his very creative imagination and ability to think out side of the box, he came up with ideas to use out of the ordinary materials like cork in his shoes.

His shoes were further known to include gold in them; the 24 carat kind. This is what got Stuart Weitzman shoes into the stores of more than 45 different countries throughout the world.

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More About Stuart Weitzman Shoes

Stuart Weitzman ShoesIn 2002 Weitzman again brought his family company to the top when he designed a unique pair of million dollar shoes in which he gave in a traditional manner to his choice of one top celebrity up for an Oscar so that they could wear his shoes to the ceremony. He has continued this tradition every year since then.

Besides being popular among the celebrities though, even the common woman can be found wearing the shoes made by Weitzman. With colors that truly shine and intense style that brings glamor and fame to the woman who wears them, these shoes are designed for every woman who is passionate about fashionable shoes.

Stuart Weitzman shoes come in a variety of styles for any and every occasion. From immaculate mules to powerful pumps and stunning heels, these shoes truly do cater to every woman’s taste or needs. You can even find bridal and western styled shoes within the Weitzman’s many collections. Wear a pair of these shoes and you will wonder why you ever wore any other.