YSL Shoes

YSL shoes were first founded during the year 1962 in Italy. As a handcrafted, custom designed shoe, they quickly became popular throughout Italy and soon branched out into the great big world of fashion designer shoes as a popular choice among many women.

They are known for their high luxury, intricate designs and extreme comfort. It is difficult to describe these shoes as they are a little bit of everything rolled into one and people often have a loss for words when trying to describe these immaculate shoes. YSL shoes are just truly incredible and they are certainly a cut above the others.

It is the high quality materials that make these shoes so comfortable and long lasting. You will want to wear them everywhere. Ranging from leather to lace, silk and patent, these shoes spare no luxury when it comes to providing comfort to the person who wears them. They are a sign of elegance, fashion and represent the woman for what she is; beautiful.

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More About YSL Shoes

YSL ShoesThe colors used in the Yves Saint Laurent shoes are meant to bring out the best in every woman. From light, sensual colors to deep and passionate, these shoes really set the mood for every occasion. The options will amaze you even. With tribute sandals, heels, boots and flats, you can find whatever you are looking for with the Yves footwear line.

When you buy a pair of YSL shoes, you are not just buying quality, hand made, hand designed shoes, you are buying a piece of fashion history. You will be noticed anywhere you go in these fabulously designed shoes. Be bold, be daring, be whatever you want to be but, be it with pride. Let everyone know you are a bold woman with confidence. Make a statement with a pair of Yves women’s designer shoes.

YSL Shoes Guides, Styles and Reviews

YSL Cage Platform Sandal in Black Patent

We will not blame you if you run out of words in describing this ultimate wonder in the world of footwear fashion. It happens with everyone. Once you have worn these ultra chic shoes to a part

YSL High Heeled Tribute Platform Sandal

This pair of heels is a tribute to women. A tribute to fashion. And a tribute to everything that class stands for. Romance the textured black patent leather in a never-before way.

YSL Platform Sling Back in Black Shiny Leather

YSL platform sling backYou will get to know what style is all about once you have laid your eyes on them. Its mesmerising splendour will completely take you in

YSL Tribute Sandal in Black Patent

Wonders never cease. And Yves Saint Laurent seems to be bent on proving that time and again. This time, it is with the Tribute Sandal.